As easy as ABC

FaaS4U leverages the capabilities of AI and Machine Learning to improve forecast reliability, while remaining simple to use. This Cloud solution, with no initial investment, is perfectly adaptable to your evolving needs.

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A. Define your articles
B. Load your histories
C. Generate your forecasts

What is FaaS4U ?

Easy forecasting

Your don’t need to be an expert to create your forecasts.
Create your products, load your history and FaaS4U does the rest.

AI & Machine Learning

FaaS4U is a self-improving solution that uses AI to weight and combine the results of multiple models.

Intelligent Detections

FaaS4U unleaches the power of AI and detects anomalies, trends, seasonalities and inter-dependencies for you.

External Influences

You expect a growth in sales before Christmas? You plan to open a new store? Include these external influences and FaaS4U will take them into account in its calculations.

Unparalleled Accuracy

FaaS4U uses state-of-the-art algorithms to deliver high quality time-series forecasts.

Cloud Solution

Use our website or directly connect your existing systems via WebAPI.
No investment needed in an additional software, no expensive maintenance, no long and complex integration…
Just plug & play !

Improve your business

Efficient Production Planning

Efficiently allocate resources, adapt production capacity & reduce costly disruptions.

Minimize Excess Inventory

Avoid cost overruns & stock obsolescence.

Increase Sales by Reducing Out-of-stocks

Ensure sufficient stocks to meet customer demand.

Enhanced Product Distribution

Streamline & simplify your distribution network.

Resources Optimization

Anticipate rises and falls in activity to adapt necessary resources.

Informed Decision Making

Guide the company’s strategic decisions (e.g. product develop-ment, pricing strategies, etc.).

Strategic Marketing & Promotions

Target promotions in periods of high demand and adjust strategy for slower periods.

Improved Cash Flow

Better purchasing planning, reduced need for excessive borrowing and freeing up of liquidity.

Risk Mitigation

Anticipating trends, seasonality and the impact of events.