Smart forecasts made simple

Introducing a cutting-edge forecasting solution, designed to be incredibly user-friendly while harnessing the full power of AI and machine learning.

FaaS4U ensures the highest accuracy in predictions by intelligently detecting anomalies, seasonalities, and trends.

Whether you’re an experienced data scientist or new to forecasting, our intuitive interface makes sophisticated analysis accessible to everyone, guaranteeing reliable insights and smarter decision-making.

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Birth of an idea

Increased demand

Demand forecasting was becoming a hot topic as companies of all sizes and sectors faced the same need and challenges. Accurate predictions were essential for optimizing operations, but the complexity and variability in demand patterns made it difficult for existing solutions to meet these needs effectively.

Traditional practice

Each situation required a case-by-case, limited analysis and treatment. We were always asked to choose the “right” model from many existing ones, and other market solutions were expensive, ineffective for forecasting, and arduous to implement. Highlighting the need for a more efficient and adaptable approach.


We witnessed a significant advancement in new technologies, seeing Machine Learning and AI as game-changers. These innovations promised the ability to handle complex data patterns and improve prediction accuracy, inspiring us to explore their potential in demand forecasting.

Landmark date

2019 was a landmark year for us. Partnering with the University of Maastricht, a PhD student rediscovered that no single model is the “best model” in all situations. Instead, the best results consistently emerged from the “best combination” of multiple models, paving the way for a more robust solution.

Automatic (not manual)

Recognizing the need to automate as much as possible, we aimed to eliminate manual actions from the forecasting process. Choosing models and weighting results manually for thousands of products was impractical; automation was crucial for efficiency and scalability in demand forecasting.

Improved accessibility

We reached a crucial step by enhancing the accessibility of our solution. Leveraging our service via an API or a user-friendly web interface allows users to simply connect, load their data, and let AI handle the rest, making advanced forecasting accessible to all.

High value potential

Today, FaaS4U is a solution of having high potential value in terms of profitability, inventory management, and forecast accuracy. By leveraging AI and ML, our solution changes the game, offering a significant competitive advantage and transforming the landscape of demand forecasting.

And in practice ?

Define your article (*)

Easily create your articles and assortments in a variety of ways (manually, excel import, API).

Load your history

Import your article history to use for your predictions in the same variety of ways (manually, excel import, API).

Generate and export your forecast

Ask and let the engine calculate your forecasts.

(*) only once