DC-Locator bereitet den Weg für den eCommerce-Markteintritt im Modehandel

DC-Locator bereitet den Weg für den eCommerce-Markteintritt eines führenden Modehändlers


aXialyzes holistic approach to logistics network optimization is empowered by its proven DC-Locator tool. Including only the most essential framework conditions while working focused and concise with real-life data, the tool impressed and convinced the retail giant to trust aXialyze.


Included in this approach are simulations, data analysis and visualization that ensure a clear overview of key strategic points while supporting complex network models. Hence, complexity must not be complicated but can rather enable the development of efficient network structures.


Data and Cost Analysis


Scenario Definition


Network & Flow Simulation


Stress Test


The proven methods and the precise working of the DC-Locator were able to provide the leading fashion retailer with the best DC locations for the expansion. The goals were reached through a three-fold approach.

First and foremost total transporting costs from the DCs to the locations of demand were minimized in several selected scenarios.

Secondly, possible synergies with the existing network of DCs proved the holistic approach and made the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Finally, the service level enhances as it was a critical point revolving around the question of fast delivery.

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