Forecasting as a Service

High forecasting accuracy leads to greater anticipation of future demand to optimize operation and inventory. We offer a first free forecast showcasing the capabilities of our forecasting services.

We offer our clients the possibility of taking advantage of substantial & continuous improvement combined with the long-lasting ability to forecast their operations without carrying the risk of investing in expensive and rapidly obsolete technologies. If you have sufficient historical data about your products, then we can help your company turn data into strategic value in no time.

Based on solid statistical foundations using a time series analysis, we only require data of your articles/units sold during a time period and their weight/volume/value. Furthermore, we also offer extending, more advanced algorithms using auxiliary input to predict future demand, e.g. based on weather or events.

This analysis can be the first step to allocating budges more efficiently, optimizing cash flow management and increasing overall performance.


Our efficient approach to forecasting can build a solid foundation for reliable future predictions, significantly reducing cost-intensive ambiguities. The first step to achieving this goal is to collect base data about the articles you sell.

After filling in the spreadsheet provided by us, we can have an initial call to align expectations and check data anomalies. Then we run our time series and present our findings to you during a consulting call.

4 simple steps to your first forecast

Please register and subsequently, you will receive the Excel file and guidelines to fill it in.

After you fill the Excel sheet in, please upload it here.

Once you have uploaded the Excel file, we will review it. Then we offer you an optional brief call before making the actual analysis to align expectations and eliminate ambiguities in advance.

Then, we make a forecast and discuss our findings with you during a consulting call. Here you have the opportunity to choose the forecast output optimal to you. For example, as a flat file, on-premise or accessible via API calls. Moreover, we can discuss the next forecasting steps to enable you to harness the full power of your data.