DC-Locator tool

To show the outstanding benefits of an optimization of your supply chain network structure through our DC-Locator tool, we offer you a first free optimization.

The DC-Locator is an Optimization Tool used to simulate different Supply Chain Scenarios. An ideally constructed distribution network is the foundation of an integrated, high-performing, flexible supply chain matching future challenges. With your base data, our DC-Locator tool tries to find the centre of gravity within the demand points of your current supply chain network.

This is done through simultaneous cost and benefits optimization. We base our optimization on the cost of transporting goods and define optimal scenarios considering constraints, for example, a limited amount of distribution centres/warehouses or limited delivery time. Compared to various other tools, our tool is concerned with actual road distance instead of direct aerial distance.

This optimization can essentially lay the foundation for profitability and effective client satisfaction.


Our holistic approach aims to build the foundation for a distribution centre network fit to match future challenges. The first step to achieving this goal is to collect base data from you for data preparation and the subsequent definition of different scenarios. To optimize the data analysis, you can schedule an initial call with us to align expectations and check data anomalies.

Then we run our DC Locator tool and compare the scenarios, with the option to focus on constraints like pre-defined distribution centre locations. Finally, we present our findings based on your real-life data to you during a consulting call.

4 simple steps to your first optimized supply chain network structure

Please register, and subsequently, you will receive the Excel file and guidelines to fill it in. After receiving an email confirmation, you can already get in touch with us.

After filling all the sheets in the Excel workbook, please upload it here. If anything is unclear, please feel free to contact us through email.

Once you have uploaded the Excel file, we will review it and get in touch with you via email to offer you an optional brief call before making the actual optimization to align expectations and eliminate ambiguities.

Then, we make an optimization which we want to discuss with you during a consulting call. Here you have the opportunity to choose the analysis output optimal to you—for example, on-premise or accessible via API calls. Moreover, we can discuss the next optimization steps to enable you to harness the full power of your data.